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Word Carver

Word Carver is produced and hosted by Cynthia Rosi, with additional support from Amy Dalrymple. Show music is by Rise and Shine (2015), Seastock from You can listen to the show live on WGRN-fm 94.1 in Columbus, Ohio on Saturdays at 12.30pm. Visit for contact and submission information.

Jan 29, 2018

Poet Maggie Smith of Good Bones, essayist Hanif Abdurraqib of They Can't Kill Us Until They Kill Us and novelist Nick White of How to Survive a Summer all appeared on Word Carver -- here are my favorite parts of our conversations. Smith talks about the relationship between her poetry and the lost art of crankies,...

Jan 7, 2018

Columbus-based poet Alexis-Rueal created The Path Not Chosen event to provide an artistic alternative to stigma and silence. The poems you’ll hear offer candid, evocative, sometimes funny, and -- ultimately hopeful -- depictions of living with a different kind of mental health.

Featured on the show are the evening’s...